Facebook’s dynamic creative variants allow users to upload and test multiple versions of an ad at once. This feature is a powerful way to combine and test the different components of an ad.

Lightning AI’s Facebook ad uploader lets users create multiple creative variants at once. Instead of creating 30+ separate ads, you can now use variants to combine your titles, bodies of text, descriptions, and CTA’s alongside your destination URL and image/video asset. 

To add a variant, click the small "+" icons from the ad uploader.

Variant Options:

  • 5 titles
  • 5 bodies of text
  • 5 descriptions
  • 5 CTA’s (call to actions)
  • 1 image or video asset
  • 1 destination URL

How to Preview Variants

You can track the total number of variants created and preview your variants automatically with Lightning AI’s ad previewer. Use the arrows on the either side of the ad previewer to scroll through the different variants.  

Once your ad variants are published, Lightning AI helps you track which variants are most effective with your audiences. 

Still have questions?

Not sure how to use variants or want more help getting started? Reach out to your account manager or help@lightningai.com.

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