Welcome to Lightning AI! Let's get started.

Sign Up

Head on over to https://app.lightningai.com/ and select the Sign Up button.

After completing the Sign Up form, you will be taken to a page where you can connect your Facebook account.

Once your Facebook Account is connected, we can start adding Accounts to your Lightning AI Profile!

Give your Account a name and then select which of your Facebook Ad Accounts you'd like to add into Lightning AI.

If you have a Website Pixel or Mobile App, be sure to add those as well.

You will now see your accounts on the left side of the screen.

With your Ad Account added, we'll now setup the AI System

Go to the Optimize page located on the left menu.

We'll start by setting up the Spend Optimization Settings.

Select the Campaign that Lightning AI will be managing from the dropdown menu.

Advanced Note : If you'll be adding multiple Campaigns from the same Ad Account and want different budgets for each, add that budget here. If not, leave Daily Budget empty and let the AI handle it.

Select "Add Campaign"

Next, we'll want to set our Ad Account Settings.

Daily Account Budget is the total combined amount that will be spent on any Campaign being managed by Lightning AI. If you want to spend $500 a day with Lightning AI, you'd put that amount here.

Select from the dropdown menu the event that our system should be optimizing towards. If you want to drive traffic to your website, select Link Clicks. If you want Purchases from your online store, select Purchases.

Target Cost per Conversion Event is the amount you want to pay for each of the events you've selected above. If you want to pay $1 for each Link Click, insert 1 into this field.

Advanced Note : If you have an Attribution Window that is different from the default on Facebook, select that here.

Select "Turn On" once you have everything ready to go.

Let's return to the top of the Optimize page and now we'll select Automatic Expansion Settings.

Here we will turn on the Automatic Expansion feature that will find new interests to tests.

Select your Campaign and Event from the dropdown menus.

Daily Campaign Budget - Select and complete this section if you'd like the number of new interests created each day to be determined by the AI.


Number of Ad Sets - Select and complete this section if you'd like to choose the number of new interests created each day.

Select one of the above options and select "Turn On Auto Expand"

Now that the AI Systems are setup, they will run at Midnight (your account's timezone).

If you'd like to manually run the AI for the first time, go back to the top of the Optimize page and select Run Automatic Expansion.

Select your Campaign and the number of new Interests you'd like to find.

Advanced Note : If your Campaign does not currently have any Interests in it, you'll need to enter at least one in the field below. If you'd like the new Interests to be paused before they start spending, change ACTIVE to PAUSED.

Your Campaign(s) are now setup and the Lightning AI Systems are working to get you results!

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