If you're first getting started with Facebook ads, you'll need a Facebook Ad account.

Create Account

Now that you have created your Facebook Business account, it's time to create your Facebook Ad account.

Visit: https://business.facebook.com/

Log In

If you are not already logged into your personal account, do so now.

Create New Ad Account

On the Facebook Business Manager home page, you will see a bright GREEN button that says Add New.

Click the Add New button to display a drop down menu.

Select Ad Accounts to continue.

Add your Ad Account Name (most businesses use their business name in this field). Verify that the information on the screen is correct and click Create Ad Account to continue.

Add Account Administrators

You are given the option to allow others to manage your Facebook Ad Account. For now, let's only select your Personal Facebook Account.

Mark the checkbox next to your name. Change the Role to Ad account admin as shown below.

Click Save Changes to continue.

Add Payment Methods

Follow the link provided in the previous message, or visit: https://business.facebook.com/settings/payment-methods

Select Add Payment Method

Complete the required billing information and select Continue to be taken to the Payments Page.

Link Payment Method to Ad Account

You will now link the payment method you just added to the Facebook Ad Account you created earlier.

On the Payments Page ( https://business.facebook.com/settings/payment-methods), click "select an ad account and use ads manager to change its primary payment method" (see yellow arrow below).

On the People and Assets page, select the Ad Account you just created.

Select View Payment Methods (highlighted in yellow below)

On the Billing Page for your Ad Account, select Add Payment Method.

If you'd like to use the same billing method that you setup earlier, select Payment Method for Business Manager and then Continue.

Select the billing method you prefer and select Continue.

Select Make Primary to continue.

Congratulations 🎉

You are now the proud new owner of your own Facebook Ad Account!

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