Once your Facebook advertising accounts are connected to Lightning AI, you can use the app’s Facebook ad uploader to easily upload new ads to Facebook in bulk. 

How to create a new Facebook ad

Step #1: Select the advertising account you want to create a new ad for and click the ‘New Ad’ button from the top navigation. 

Step #2: Select the Facebook page you want to post the ad from

Step #3: Give your ad a name

This is where you should keep with any naming conventions for ad name structure that you use on Facebook. 

Step #4: Add your creative assets under Ad Content using variants

Variants allow you to easily upload and test multiple versions of an ad at one time. You can upload up to 5 variants for the title, copy, description, and CTA. Each ad can only have 1 URL destination and 1 video or image asset. Learn more about dynamic creative variants.

Step #5: Preview your ad or ad variants

Step #6: Click Continue and select the campaigns and ad sets you want to upload the new creative to.

Lightning AI automatically checks your ad variants and allows you to select from a list of compatible campaigns and ad sets to publish the ads to. You can select each campaign or select from your campaign list in bulk. You can click into each campaign and narrow down the list by including or excluding particular ad sets. This can be helpful if you’re segmenting creative to particular audiences. 

Step #7: Publish your ads to Facebook

Our platform can publish many ads at once. Often we are even faster than Facebook is! Your ads are placed in a queue, and slowly sent and uploaded to Facebook. 

Once these ads are fully sent to Facebook, we will send an email notification letting you know when your ads are live or if there are any errors or pending statuses from Facebook. You can also see the status of your ads under the Ads menu. 

Still have questions? Want to upload with a Facebook ad feature you don’t see here? 

If you still have questions about how to upload new ads to Facebook or would like to submit a feature request about an ad feature we don’t support yet, reach out to your account manager or help@lightningai.com.

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